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Airport Master: FAQ

Please note: Airport Master is currently in Early Access Public Alpha stage of development. Some features described here may (and will) change from version to version as game development progresses. If you participate in early-access public alpha testing, keep in mind that savegames created with earlier versions may become unreadable in newer versions.

Will there be helicopters and heli-traffic, heli-companies and associated HELO ops?
Yes, heliport (and helicopter stands) will be available as Airport upgrade options

Will weather affect flight schedule, timetable, flt ops and airport rating?
Once the full dynamic weather is implemented in the game, and as far as player does not have ILS CAT II\CAT III equipment and certification flights will divert to alternate airfield if weather is below minimums (worst minimum is used: airport\aircraft\pilot). In some (rare) cases, when LVP is in effect and during shower rains (SHRA+) some aircraft crews will delay takeoffs until weather improves. That will eventually affect Airport's rating with given Airline motivating player to install and upgrade NAV equipment.

What platforms Airport Master will be released on?
The game will be released on Windows PC, then about 2-3 months later Linux and Mac versions are planned for release.

Can I get Early Access?
Yes, follow the link Airport Master Early Access on Steam to get Early Access. By participating in Early Access you not just save money as final game will cost more, you also help us build the game and fund our work on Airport Master!

How many savegame slots will be available to player?
7 or 8. In addition to persistent quicksave\autosave slot, 5 or 6 user slots will be available per player profile. It will be possible to use all of the slots (or any number of them) but once the game is restarted (new Airport Manager career started) all savegame slots will be allotted to this fresh career start.

Will there be people (passengers\crews\technicians\cooks\waiters\etc)?
There are people in the game already. They are currently represented by user interface avatars. We have considered 3D models of people walking around the airport and of course conducted graphics load tests with various LOD\dynamic details settings of our sub-engine. Based on these tests, we can say that a late game airport (two runways, about 30-50 aircraft, twice as many vehicles, LODed terrain, volumetric clouds etc.) can hold decent 50-60 fps on a modern machine with addition of about 50 to 100 3D-people, so technically it's quite possible. However, we strive to make the Ultimate Airport Management and Aviation game - so 3D-people are not top-priority. For now (up to late alpha\early beta) stages of development we will stick to avatars, but again, it is probable that 3D people may appear in final product.

I'm new to the world of aviation. I can see many unknown words and acronyms on these pages - is the game for me?
The game does take place in very realistic imitation of real world airport. However, one should not worry: we take it very seriously that a good game should not just entertain but also teach (both youngsters and adults wishing to learn more about exciting world of modern aviation). You will find a lot of explanations to what this or that piece of equipment does in the game, or what stage of flight it is and what are captain's options and choices. You may take easy approach (say just set the fuel price slightly higher than the average sell price per industry) or you may elect to fine tune fuel prices if you have good understanding how FBO's business works. If you know how to read METAR\TAF - good for you - they are there (all as per standards), if you do not even know what those words stand for - no problem - you will find human-readable (decoded) current weather and 24-hour forecast slightly below in the same user interface screen.

Will there be accidents\incidents?
Incidents (like runway excursions, aborted takeoffs, compressor stalls on jets, emergency landings, engine failures) - yes, those are planned for late alpha\mid-beta. As for accidents (crashes of the airplanes involving trauma and\or fatalities) - no; this is a game about how aviation works not about how airplanes crash or people suffer. We will not be even considering any of such scenarios, please do not ask to include accidents into Airport Master, this will never happen. Please note: this also refers to any symbols of terrorism, hijacking or acts of war. The game ATCs will never see aircraft squawking 7500 on their screens.

How good is game's flight model?
Every aircraft in the game uses actual thrust to generate corresponding lift and counter drag. Each aircraft has weight (exactly as their real life prototypes), each has correct fuel flow and weight reduction. Each aircraft takes into account wind direction, speed and gust factor. Flight surfaces are subject to imitated atmosphere conditions. No local disturbance other than average of atmosphere around aircraft is calculated (no XPlane style calculations, too costly processor-wise and not intended for games of this genre, see our list of Recommended Flight Simulators for this kind of experience). Braking action is subject to runway conditions and random crew considerations, i.e. you may see a heavier loaded aircraft of same type performing easier braking on landing roll or vice versa. Taxing accuracy is another imitated human-like action: captain or FO will taxi along the apron marking lines but not necessarily over them (these are not 'on rails' - the only condition is that left seat has visual contact with the markings and tries to keep the nose over it). Altitude changes are also not 'on rails' - aircraft uses pitch to climb\descend, at the same time it does conform to 250kts max below FL100 limitation and will use smaller angle of pitch if airspeed is exceeding this limit. Bank and roll are implemented accordingly. Game pilots do not sideslip (yet) to kill off the excess velocity on approach, they just call missed =)

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