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The name STICLI originates from two Intel processor x86 instructions: STI (Set Interrupt Flag) and CLI (Clear Interrupt Flag). Oh yes, we do remember the times when playing with STI and CLI could have resulted in very interesting behavior of older PC machines =)

On more metaphorical level, the concept of STI and CLI describes a general approach to building, testing and developing software. This approach allows for prioritizing given features and stages of the product development cycle in order to achieve either immediate or long-standing goals without significantly modifying the development process... and of course without ever executing a HLT ;-)

About Our Team

STICLI Games is a small game development studio currently employing a full-time team of 5 expandable on demand via remote workforce utilizataion.

We are currently working on our first major standalone game - Airport Master - which is now in Early Access stage (mid thru Alpha phase of development). This is a unique Airport Management Game project for several reasons:

We strive to make Airport Master a game with uniquely interesting gameplay, great graphics and live airport sound environment. The game is currently planned for release on Windows PC, and slightly later on Linux and Mac. See Airport Master Plan of Development for more information.

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