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Airport Master: Change Log: Versions 0.4.x

Please note: Airport Master is currently in Early Access Public Alpha stage of development. Some features described here may (and will) change from version to version as game development progresses. If you participate in early-access public alpha testing, keep in mind that savegames created with earlier versions may become unreadable in newer versions.

Airport Master Early Access Public v. 0.4.0 Alpha released AUG 01, 2020

Game workflow



Quests and NPCs




User Interface

This section of Airport Master Changelog lists changes introduced to the Public Alpha version of the game in versions 0.4.x Public Alpha. See Airport Master Latest Public Alpha Version Changelog. For earlier versions changelogs, please see changelog sections for versions: 0.3.x Public Alpha, 0.2.x Public Alpha, 0.1.x Public Alpha

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