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Please note: Airport Master is currently in Early Access Public Alpha stage of development. Some features described here may (and will) change from version to version as game development progresses. If you participate in early-access public alpha testing, keep in mind that savegames created with earlier versions may become unreadable in newer versions.

Airport Master Development Roadmap

Note: also see Airport Master Plan of Development and Airport Master Product Features

Feature Details Status Version
Realistic aircraft models Airplanes have working flight surfaces (ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps); airplanes with retractable gear lower and raise landing gear according to procedure; beacon, nav, strobes, taxi and landing lights are used like in real life; both colder tone halogen lamps and warmer old-style lights are present depending on Aircraft model and make; airplanes are modeled with exact dimensions and characteristics of their real-world prototypes (weights, COG, rate-of-climb per weight factor, flight envelope etc); In Game, Fully Functional Since pre-alpha
Realistic flight mechanics Airplanes startup engines as specified in reference specs, check flight controls, have two-way radio communication with corresponding ATC unit, perform powered taxi using apron markings only as reference (not on rails), lineup, takeoff, climb to initial altitude, able to fly STAR, SID, visual circuit and circle-to-land; capable of going around either via visual circuit or as per published IFR go-around procedure; aircraft capable of intercepting and flying ILS approach (currently ATC issues ILS APP clearances from 2000 ft; APP controller ensures ILS intercept happens before 8nm out), capable of visual approach and dual NDB approach (not used by ATC at the moment); land, vacate runway, taxi to specified parking or hangar stand, shutdown, request post-flight and pre-flight ground services; In Game, Fully Functional Since pre-alpha
Realistic Air Traffic Control The ATC consists of GND (Ground control), TWR (Runway operations), APP (Approach control and Clearance Delivery) and SLT (Slot coordinator). The above said ATC positions are manned in Airport control tower building 24\7. ATC behaves in full accordance with ICAO rules and regulations as to Air Traffic Control in following manner: VFR clearances are only issued during VMC; IFR clearances are issued during IMC with exception to some departing aircraft in case LVP is in operation (note: if player does not have appropriate equipment installed and upgraded in his Airport - no clearances are issued while LVP is in operation, also if ILS\DME\NDB equipment is not upgraded to the level corresponding to Cat II minima, Cat I minima applies; Cat III(a\b) operations are planned for later versions of the game on later game stages when player builds and upgrades second runway and all appropriate equipment and certification of Cat III operations is validated by flying laboratory plane - also in development). ATC uses standard means of managing traffic such as assigning SIDs and STARs to departing and arriving traffic based on departure\arrival time-slot, airspace loads etc. At any moment, as in real world, ATC may elect to provide vectors or may ask pilots to fly published procedures (published Hold at ANG VOR, published IFR go-around procedure, left-hand visual pattern for runway 17 or right hand pattern for runway 35), other than that ATC provides exact instructions on flying non-standard procedures (e.g. 'TRA107, enter holding pattern 15nm out of ANG VOR on RDL 235 cleared block altitude FL60-FL100, 2 minute legs, expect leaving hold at 1330Z'); ATC will prioritize final approaches over takeoffs, ATC will prioritize emergencies and military\government flights over civil operations (currently not in action, will become very noticeable when helicopter ops are introduced in game and Player will have a contract from City to host Police\Medical helicopters within airfield - this traffic will definitely affect VFR flights); ATC will resolve any minimum safe distance violations (firstly by trying to avoid those and secondly by giving slower aircraft vectors to longer dep\arr routes, assigning corresponding SIDs\STARs and definitely by managing airspeed (within 250kts - 180kts range). ATC uses standard aviation radiotelephony phraseology. In Game, 80% Functional v.0.1.1a
Realistic Weather Affecting Flight Schedule Management Currently available: basic weather conditions affecting runway in use (wind, gusts, visibility). Weather engine is capable to generate weather in typical patterns (like everyday major wind direction changes, morning and sunset mists etc.) and introduce chaotic elements (still predictable via upgrading Meteorology Office). What is planned for upcoming versions of the game: fully volumetric clouds, fog, visibility due haze and precipitation; Three levels of weather trends including everyday typical weather trends, a trend for adverse weather conditions probability and a trend for uncommon weather elements as opposed to expected (sudden temperature rise\lower, formation of thunderstorms in unlikely conditions etc.) Later two will be introduced gradually and with a lot of balancing with Players' feedback as tests show they would affect gameplay significantly. Partly in Game, 17% functional v.0.1.3a
Interactive aircraft ground service Single-engine airplanes refueling at G stands via centralized pipeline; refueling of larger aircraft at stand using fuel-trucks; catering to stand; maintenance to stand; baggage loading and unloading using baggage carts; passenger loading and unloading using airport buses; aircraft crew may request all or some of required services, calculate needed fuel for flight and request it; airplane crew reports ground service quality (and amount paid) to its Airline upon leaving the TMA In Game, Fully Functional v.0.1.1a
Comprehensive Airport Economy The in-game economy tries to mimic real-world Airport economy as closely as possible (fees, fares, salaries, business incomes and expenses are set and balanced very close to real world values), with exception to one aspect: in real life the cost of Meteorology Office Building is about $10 Million. Airports in real life are funded by local government and receive long-term loans and financial aid for development as part of local or national transport infrastructure. It takes dozens of years to balance the books, and to solve this time-continuum paradox in Airport Master (since the game runs in real time + time skip option when no important events happen) we introduced Mayor's Goals and Achievements, a system which gives player tasks to accomplish and rewards with large amounts of money that can be spent on realistically priced airport equipment, buildings and upgrades. Partly in Game, 20% functional v.0.3.1a
Player-managed Airport based businesses FBO (fixed-base operator) including refueling business with both Jet1A and 100LL fuels (fuel purchase contracts at refineries system is currently in development, more fluctuating fuel market to come in later versions), ground services (maintenance, waste removal and utilization, catering, passenger delivery, baggage handling) - basic functionality implemented with more in-depth features to come in later versions; Aircraft Hangar Maintenance and Service (Form A and Form B) are to be implemented in later versions of the game Partly in Game, 50% functional Since pre-alpha
Player-managed passenger terminal based businesses Vending machines (with 3 levels of upgrades), Cafeteria (with 8 levels of upgrades including Menu upgrades, Cook skills upgrades, Seating space and kitchen upgrades), Souvenir shop (to be included in game later, 3 levels of upgrades) - currently most of the functionality and mechanics implemented, UI and balance of income and expenditure subject to re-balancing until Beta stage of development In Game, 32% Functional v.0.1.3a
Emergency Crews Drills Will become available soon as early-game content and will include daily Fire and Rescue teams drills (affecting use of taxiways C & D) Planned v.0.1.5a
Helicopter operations HELO ops are planned to be included in the game about thru-mid-alpha stage of development and will include capability for player to accept City contract from Police and Hospitals to host helicopters of those institutions and provide base of ops. Also, recreational helicopter flying and common VFR helicopter ops will become available to player as soon as he builds (and later on - upgrades) helipads and heliport terminal. Planned v.0.5.Xa
Aircraft incidents (excluding accidents) Abnormal flight events will be simulated seldom (most probably the player will be able to select the probability when starting his Airport Manager career). Some (not limited to) will include: runway excursions, engine failures in flight and during takeoff roll, taxi mistakes by flight crews, engine fire during startup. Planned v.0.8.Xb
Tons of other great gameplay and eyecandy features! Aviation enthusiasts will definitely like the abundance of realistic events happening in Airport Master resulting in unpredictable gameplay variations from game to game with great visuals and immersive sound effects. We will not disclose those - let them be a surprise for Airport Master fans! Planned v.1.0

Note: also see Airport Master Plan of Development and Airport Master Product Features

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