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The Ultimate Airport Management Game

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Please note: Airport Master is currently in Early Access Public Alpha stage of development. Some features described here may (and will) change from version to version as game development progresses. If you participate in early-access public alpha testing, keep in mind that savegames created with earlier versions may become unreadable in newer versions.

Airport Master is a very detailed game about airport management and aviation in general. Play as a newly appointed Airport Manager and bring your Airport to prosperity and growth! Manage all aspects of everyday Regional Airport life, such as airline contracts, aircraft ground services, passenger terminal businesses, flight schedule management and many more. Buy fuel via system of refinery contracts and sell it to aircraft operators via fuel truck loading and centralized pipeline. Hire technicians and cafeteria cooks! Tear you hair apart when weather suddenly interrupts your brilliant flight scheduling ) Upgrade airport facilities, radio-navigational aids, buildings, businesses, vehicles. Win airlines' respect and city mayor's approval! Use money you earn to build even larger better and more technically advanced airport! Enjoy detailed realistic 3D-graphics, real world equipment, airplanes, helicopters, vehicles, primary and secondary radar, ATC procedures!

Current Stage of Development

Currently Airport Master The Ultimate Airport Management Game is in mid-alpha stage of development. It's been available as public Early Access alpha on Steam for a year. Thanks to feedback of our Players, the following metrics achievements now comprise the current alpha version of the game:

Unique airplane types: 25
Unique airplanes liveries: 96
Unique helicopter types: 5
Unique helicopters liveries: 24
Airlines: 19, flying IFR and VFR to and from 37 Airports
Unique ground vehicle types: 17
Ground vehicles routes around airport: 335
Serviceable ground parkings: 25, of those: general aviation (max wingspan 14m): 8; business and regional jets (max wingspan 19m): 5; helicopters (max rotor diameter 14m): 8; cargo apron: max wingspan 45m - 2 + max wingspan 65m - 1;

System Requirements

Windows x64 bit PC (Windows 8.1 x64 and higher)
DirectX version: 11 or higher
Video: 1Gb Graphics Card that supports DirectX 11 (more video memory is preferable)
RAM: 4GB, more is better
Storage: 1.7 GB, SSD is preferable

Generally speaking, any PC running 64-bit Windows, with CPU up to 10 years old and Video card up to 5 years old should run the game smoothly at 1920x1080 fullscreen resolution with Graphics quality set to "Medium". For "Maximum" setting an i5 with 16Gb RAM and decent modern GPU is highly recommended.

We recommend GTX 1080 or newer video card, plenty of RAM onboard as the game engine is capable of pre-loading all resources and thus freeing up CPU time for calculations (which are numerous in Airport Master).

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