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Airport Master v. 0.4.4a is FINALLY RELEASED!

SEP 21, 2022 - Huge Update including versions 041a thru 044a is FINALLY released! Live Cargo Terminal with all insides modeled and working! Dual Runway operations! Change of active runway(s) due to wind change and at night time for noise abatement! Working Ground Radar! New aircraft, airlines, GSEs! More realistic taxi and takeoff roll for all types of aircraft! New storyline quests! New events, upgrades and interactions! We had to compact our changelog for version 0.4.4a to present it in readable fashion =) Thank you for being patient and Please Enjoy Airport Master v.0.4.4a!

Release of Airport Master v. 0.4.4a is coming soon + new health regulations solved

JAN 10, 2022 - we are happy to inform our Players and Partners that we have successfuly solved all pending issues with our healthcare and insurance policies for all of our EU-based staff, which allows us to focus on making games. Airport Master v. 0.4.4a has entered final closed testing phase and is about to become available as a public alpha release soon!

Release of Airport Master v. 0.4.3a has been postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic

SEP 13, 2021 - due to rapidly changing policies in EU regarding pandemic regulations, we had to postpone the release of v. 0.4.3a; it will be integrated with the release of 0.4.4a in late December 2021 or early January 2022.

Airport Master v. 0.4.0a released

AUG 01, 2020 - Apron East Operations! Pushbacks! Jetways! Integral Airport and Airline Ratings! Crime system! Unified messaging system (quests and reports)! NPCs! Birds control! New smooth vehicles physics! Improved RPG system with working Airpoirt Manager Perks! Two new aircraft types in 13 new liveries! Extensive bug-fixing, graphics engine optimizations and tons more changes!

Airport Master For Linux RC4 ready

JUL 13, 2020 - we have solved many problems and glad to say that Linux branch of the product is very close to become an on-par regular release with Windows public alpha versions. Things that work fine as of RC4: atmospheric scatter, semi-transparent blending in queue, optimal memory usage, loading times, lighting (partly). Things that still require work to be done: fonts problems with Xorg-driver and anti-aliasing in forward-rendering queue. Basing on the results of extensive tests of Airport Master for Linux on modern distros like Mint Ulyana and Ubuntu Fossa, it has been decided to postpone the synchronous releases of Linux version untill issues mentioned above are solved.

Release of 0.4.0a Postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic

MAR 20, 2020 - Due to the fact that COVID-19 coronavirus disease is spreading on the planet, we postponed the release of v.0.4.0a. We do not intend to endanger our staff during StayAtHome campaign. We currently work from homes, implementing new features (that were initially planned for v.0.4.1a) into 0.4.0a. The new public Alpha version will be released as soon as movement restrictions are lifted (or eased) so that we can assemble in our office for a day to sign the build for release. Stay Safe! Stay At Home!

Airport Master v. 0.3.8a [Closed Alpha Testers Only] released

FEB 10, 2020 - dedicated full-scale Linux compatibily test build. Great results! Linux-versions of the game to become available starting with releases 0.4.x of Airport Master!

Airport Master v. released

DEC 26, 2019 - Largest ever dedicated bug-fix update, attempting to catch the majority of 0.3.x-specific bugs in preparation to major game update to Late Alpha 0.4.x series of releases! Over 80 bugs, glitches, inconsistensies fixed thanks to Airport Master Players!

Airport Master v. [Closed Alpha Testers Only] released

NOV 14, 2019 - Special CAT-group-only closed alpha release for testing and bug-hunting of new Linux-specific shaders and graphical subsystem.

Airport Master v. released

SEP 03, 2019 - Hotfix Update fixing some tiny but nasty ATC issues that may have caused lockups for aircraft taxing to hangars H1, H2 and H3

Airport Master v. 0.3.7a released

AUG 10, 2019 - Negotiations System! New Flight Dynamics module! New Control Tower East! Roads generator! Terminal West City-Side Details! New AH34 Helicopter! Working Airport Security vehicles! And hundreds more additions, changes and fixes!

Airport Master v. released

JUN 15, 2019 - This Service Update includes new structural data exchange system aimed at optimizing performance of data exchange between Player's Flight Planning, ATC and Game Logics modules, which will result in faster and smoother gameplay as well as being part of preparation to major stepping to late alpha versions 0.4.x and 0.5.x... Also, this Service Update includes multiple bug-fixes as a joint effort with Airport Master Players to find and fix the majority of small, pesky and annoying bugs in 0.3.x mid-alphas.

Airport Master v. released

MAY 17, 2019 - This is a bug fix update which addresses several serious and several minor bugs found by Players in v. 0.3.5a. This version is fully backward compatible with saved games from 0.3.5a and will allow you to continue playing without starting a new game.

Airport Master v. 0.3.6a Closed Alpha Linux compatibility test build released

APR 24, 2019 - The chores of testing our newest batch of shaders on Linux's native OpenGL ) All members of CAT-group, who indicated they have Linux desktop systems at hand received a link to this closed alpha build. Basing on your feedback we shall improve our new shaders support on OpenGL systems.

Airport Master v. 0.3.5a released

MAR 26, 2019 - New Time Tables! New Flight Strips and Vehicle Strips! New Terrain including Lake Intahoe! New Avatars System! Tow tugs! V1900D aircraft! TAF! Q-Pressures! Calvert ALSs for Runways 16-34! And many many more new features, changes and fixes!

Airport Master v. released

DEC 30, 2018 - specialized bug fix build. Fixed serious Flight Scheduler \ ATC Taxi resolution bug.

Airport Master v. 0.3.4a released

DEC 17, 2018 - Skills, Leveling, Terminal 2, Jetways, Service Hangars East, First Heavy Aircraft, New Shadows Model, Hot Air effects and tons more! The biggest update in history of Airport Master development!

Airport Master v. 0.3.3a released

SEP 20, 2018 - Closed Alpha Testing (CAT-group) build adressing July's bug reports as to *nix-specific shaders. Intermediate fix for rain shader causing memory leaks. New *nix rain shader to be included in

Airport Master v. 0.3.2a released

AUG 28, 2018 - Fully working Apron 2, Cargo Flights, ULDs, Game Difficulty Setting, New Fuel Balancing System, More Accurate IFR procedures, A305 Helicopter, New GSEs!

Airport Master v. 0.3.1a released

MAY 25, 2018 - Working runway 16-34! First cargo aircraft in the game! Cargo loader GSE! Radar screen de-clutter controls! Financial graphs! Improved go-arounds!

Airport Master v. 0.3.0a released

APR 08, 2018 - Service contracts! Airport Upgrade Tiers! New Runway and Apron 2! ATIS!! Terrain preloader! Huge cumulative public alpha update!

Airport Master v. 0.2.8a Shader-compatibility and dynamic terrain preloader closed test build

APR 03, 2018 - Closed testing build for new hi-pass shaders batcher on Mac\*Nix and major closed test of Terrain tiles preloader

Airport Master v. 0.2.7a *Nix compatibility closed test build

MAR 28, 2018 - *Nix-compatibility test build

Airport Master v. 0.2.6a for Closed Alpha Testers released

MAR 14, 2018 - CAT-group build for testing of new apron, runway #2 and service contracts

Airport Master v. released

FEB 11, 2018 - Bugfix update based on extensive testing performed by Closed-Alpha Testers Group. Airport Master changelog

Airport Master v. for Closed Alpha Testers update released

FEB 02, 2018 - closed alpha build for CAT-group to start the bug-hunt in a preset testing environment. Fixes based on this targeted CAT will be included in the next public release.

Airport Master v. released

JAN 25, 2018 - Bugfix update adressing gameplay bugs reported by Players after v.0.2.5a release; for more info, see version change log

Airport Master v. 0.2.5a released

JAN 05, 2018 - Helicopters are here! New multi-channel CommBox! New ATC and service vehicles procedures!

Airport Master v. 0.2.4a for Closed Alpha Testers update released

NOV 27, 2017 - closed alpha build for CAT-group intended for testing interoperability of PC, Linux and Mac versions. Testing of optional multipass-shaders on Linux and Mac.

Airport Master v. 0.2.3a released

OCT 31, 2017 - VFR Flights! Heliport (preview, will become an upgrade item in future versions)! New multipass ground shaders! New Zeccna Z205 aircraft! New ATC procedures! And 4 more pages of changes and improvements, read change log for more details

Airport Master v. 0.2.2a released

SEP 11, 2017 - Flight Schedule management system! New service vehicles procedures! Subpixel lighting! Poggio Davanti D170 E aircraft! And 4 more pages of changes and improvements, read change log for more details

Airport Master v. Service Update released

JUN 22, 2017 - This is a service mini-update. It fixes two gameplay-critical bugs found by Airport Master players after the release of v.0.2.1a. Savegames created in 0.2.1a are readable in

Airport Master v. 0.2.1a released

JUN 19, 2017 - Solar energy upgrades! Centralized staff-management and salary-management system! New J58 aircraft fleet in 5 different liveries! See change log for more details!

Airport Master v. 0.2.0a released

APR 25, 2017 - Cafeteria upgrades and UI. General Manager's office! Player Character system! And 3 more pages of version changes as Airport Master Alpha transitiones from v.0.1.x to 0.2.x

Airport Master v. 0.1.9a released

MAR 17, 2017 - Vending Machines Upgrades! L20V, new flight scheduling, and two more pages of new features and bug fixes! See changelog for more details!

Airport Master v. 0.1.8a for Closed Alpha Testers (CAT-group) update released

MAR 8, 2017 - closed alpha build for testing interoperability of PC, Linux and Mac versions. Testing of new weather engine.

STICLI Games launches crowdfunding campaign for Airport Master on IndieGoGo

FEB 19, 2017 - Crowdfunding campaign for Airport Master is now available at Airport Master IndieGoGo Campaign Page!

Airport Master Early Access released on Steam

FEB 17, 2017 - Airport Master is now available as Steam Early Access!

Airport Master v. 0.1.7a released

FEB 13, 2017 - Airport Master Alpha is coming to Steam Early Access! Stay tuned for the official Early Access release, planned for FEB 17 2017

New Aircraft - Pontius PC13 NG

JAN 08, 2017 - PC13-NG is now out of 3D-moddeling and went into repaints! 3 to 5 liveries for this type are expected as of the next alpha release. Another great news comes from Tony, who was able to help us again with the sounds of the real PC12 recorded at the airfield! So hear hear! PC13-NG will be included in the comming v.0.1.7a of AirportMaster with all those great features ) p.s. we would really love to share the sound of this beautiful turbo-prop (but the way we handle sounds in Airport Master - it is better to wait for release of v0.1.7 so that you could hear this bird in action - and see it in all glory too))) Happy holidays, guys! Stay tuned!

New strategic resource - Electric Power

DEC 27, 2016 - New strategic resource will be introduced in the game starting with 0.1.7a - electric power. Player will be presented with ability to monitor power usage, manage power schedules and later on in game (once the Airport grows larger) choose between power suppliers. All power usage will be accounted in Kilowatts per hour (kWh), additional display in Megajoules will be available in power management screen. Each power consumer (e.g. taxiway light' lamp, computer or cooking stove in cafeteria) will have it's own power consumption rate and will notify power management module of going on and off, so for instance - if low visibility procedures (LVP) become active in airport area during daytime, Player will be able to see a spike when many lights simultaneously go on. Player also will be able to set things up in such a way, that say Surveilance Radar (ASR) comes on low-energy schedule during night-time (early in game). As airport gets upgraded, more and more power will be consumed, however a Player will be presented with an option to 'go green' by installing Solar panels on some of airport buildings in order try to somewhat negate the growing power usage. This feature is currently in development and will be introduced gradually in versions 0.1.7a - 0.2.1a

Airport Master v. 0.1.6a released

DEC 20, 2016 - The most massive Airport Master Alpha update: new TimeSkip feature, new ground lights and ground details, new airport fees, new game mechanics, over hundred items added and\or fixed in this alpha release and of course E30P aircraft in 5 different liveries added to the game!

Multi-layered multi-blended 4K textures

DEC 10, 2016 - Starting with v 0.1.6a (TBR: DEC 20 2016) we will gradualy introduce MLMB4Ts (multi-layered multi-blended 4K textures) into terrain around airport. MLMB4Ts are genuine 4K-resolution meaning Players with latest video cards will get the best rendering quality, thou players with older video cards (specifically with less video-memory onboard) will also enjoy great quality as MLMB4Ts mip-map naturally to capabilities of a video board on game loading!

New Airline - SkyFly

DEC 07, 2016 - New Airline - SkyFly - will be added to the game in v. 0.1.8a - themed as connection airline, which also contests part of TravelAir's routes including those to Player's airport, SkyFly's fleet will include two PC13s and most probably a V200 actualizing the plane specific aspect of game's management gameplay.

Player will decide the fate of the competition between less comfortable cheaper single-engine turbo-prop and more expensive dual-turbo-prop with higher comfort for passengers (and more trouble as to service for operator) - this game mechanics (if successful) will be used further to emulate the battle of airplane concepts throughout second half of 20th century and will influence Airlines' fleets and business models.

SkyFly will become 5th Airline in AirportMaster

New Aircraft - Endrewer Phantom 300

NOV 30, 2016 - First delivery of Endrewer Phantom 300's (E30P, real world prototype Embraer Phenom 300) to BusyJet. N751S and N226U are joining BusyJet fleet, more E30P's are to be delivered later this week to other operators including 3 private colorful liveries - all will become available in v.0.1.6a Aside from currently available free-play mode (infinite airport management mode), we're starting to build up for Career Mode in which player will have specific goals to reach - in Career Mode, important story line is competition between BusyJet and TravelAir.

Airport Master v. 0.1.4a released

NOV 15, 2016 - new public early access alpha version of Airport Master game released

Ground spoilers and air-interceptors implemented on some aircraft in Airport Master

Starting with E30P, aircraft in Airport Master (those that are equiped in real world) will feature ground spoilers functionality and air-interceptor functionality.

First in-game aircraft to have ground spoilers implemented will be E30P (real-world prototype Embrarer Phenom 300) - it will have fully functional ground spoilers operating during control surfaces check, after landing untill ground speed reaches 40kts and on rejected takeoffs.

In later versions of the game, larger aircraft will also use spoilers as air-interceptors (mostly during speedy descents in TMA for maintaining descent profile while preserving airspeed according to ATC-set limits).

Airport Master First Week on Steam Greenlight & Some Answers to Steam Comments

Thank you for upvoting Airport Master everyone! Keep it up and playable version will soon become available on Steam. We knew that aviation fans (and fans of the airport management game genre)) will definitely like what we do!

We got tons of positive feedback from you guys on Steam, FB and Twitter this week we are realy glad that what we are after matches with what you like - it's true: this game is all-serious about aviation - no nasty designed-fantasized aircraft with engine-placement that would flip the aircraft over on ground, no ILS-antennas and light-bars of unrealistic sizes and definitely no planes comming out of nowhere - Airport Master features a real virtual airport and everything in and around it. So yeah, it will rock as a final product!

As for eye-candy - let us put this way: adding more detail to asphalt on apron and concrete blocks or rusted iron impression to control tower balcony support bars is definitely not the top priority in development, however all of it will be added later - for now we press forward on realistic weather (volumetric clouds, rain, haze, fog etc.), we also model every aircraft to very very detailed state possible within our poly budget - don't forget the late game airport would have 2 runways, 3 aprons, airline, G/A and helicopter traffic, many ground service vehicles all in one scene - so we must be very carefull with polygon budget on this product to allow the final version to run smoothly on at least 5-year old machines.

Hope you liked the update and stay tuned for new version release in about 1 week (currently we do monthly alpha releases) - and we're open to your ideas and suggestions - use Steam, Facebook or Twitter (see links on every page of our website below) to contact us if you have what to say! Thanks again for many upvotes this week!

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